Asked by xxxteaselessxxx xxxteaselessxxx

Do you enjoy anal sex?

Not at the moment, no.

Asked by lesexemplaire lesexemplaire

Bloody Hell!. you're tumblog was way'bit cool.. bloody awesome.. Buzz xD


Asked by number26 number26

Hey, love your blog, any chance you could follow me? :)

Hi. Thanks. Sure.

Asked by dutzervonmezzenbrau dutzervonmezzenbrau

excellent . . . stuff


Asked by wolfevrius wolfevrius

You are one sexy woman. Any man would be lucky to have you. I come from many relationships where I am the only one who expresses my sexuality. I am glad to know that there are real women who enjoy sex and masturbation! Go you =]

Thanks. I guess.

Asked by moumink moumink

what do you think of this blog?

I like it. A lot!

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Check out my blog? :)


Asked by obelisq obelisq

Uh, when did "Sexy" become exclusively underweight white twenty something females? o.o Some of the poses were hot, but good god man...mix it up. Even just slightly.

You may want to explore some of the other tumblr blogs around here. I’m sure you will find something more to your liking. Thanks, bye.

Asked by perfectparts-deactivated2012110 perfectparts-deactivated2012110

very sexy

now do us :)

Thanks. Sure!

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You have an excellent collection of pix. I appreciate the time you take to get great stuff and put it in one place.


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hello :) please check out our blog and maybe promote us? thank you very much!

Will do!